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We have founded the Trust in memory of Dr Elizabeth Ann Ketterer (1979-2011), who tragically passed away in early 2011 as a result of complications derived from a diabetic seizure.

After her untimely death, a group of friends, united in grief, decided to honour Lizz’s life by promoting that which she loved most: the performance and study of William Shakespeare’s plays.

Lizz was both a remarkable scholar of Renaissance drama, and a keen musical and theatrical practitioner. During her time as a PhD researcher at The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham, she enthusiastically acted, directed and performed as a musician in many theatrical productions with the Shakespeare Institute Players, the dramatic society over which she presided for two years in 2006-2008.

The Trust, through the promotion of a range of activities, will have as its ultimate goal the establishment of the Lizz Ketterer Memorial Scholarship, that may allow a young alumnus or alumna of the Shakespeare at Winedale programme of the University of Texas—Lizz’s home state—the chance to follow in her footsteps and attend the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Summer School, held at the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon, and get to meet new friends, join in the activities at the Institute, and see all the Shakespeare shows at the RSC theatres.

All the box-office takings of the productions of our Shakespearean theatre company, KETTERER’S MEN, and all sponsorships and donations that we may also collect, will be deposited in the bank account of the Lizz Ketterer Trust to fund this annual award. It is our great wish that our efforts will begin a chain of consequence that ends with a life being changed for the better, in a way that would undoubtedly have brought a big smile to Lizz’s face. We hope you can join our group of friends to help us realise this wish.

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