Ketterer’s Men

Our Shakespearean theatre company


Dr Elizabeth Ann Ketterer (1979-2011)

Ketterer's Men is a theatre ensemble founded to honour the memory of Dr Elizabeth Ann Ketterer (1979-2011), who tragically passed away in spring 2011 as a result of complications derived from a diabetic seizure. During her time as a PhD researcher at The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham, she enthusiastically acted, directed and performed as a musician in many theatrical productions with the Shakespeare Institute Players, the dramatic society over which she presided for two years in 2006-2008.

Ours is a company of friends, encompassing professional actors and experienced amateurs, who came together soon after Lizz's death with a common purpose: to give the best of ourselves on the stage in celebration of Lizz's life and her love for Shakespeare as realised through live theatre.

We hope you enjoy our shows.